Authorized Photo Identification Card Service

 (213) 738-9100

  3978 West 6th Street
  Los Angles, CA 90020 (click here for map


  • Passport photos
  • Citizenship photos

  • Immigration photos

  • Bus pass photos

  • Resume photos

  • Fingerprinting for the DOJ and the FBI

  • Camera repair



 Personal ID Cards Ready in 10 Minutes

  • Quality photo ID cards for all purposes: personal, business, school, teams, clubs, travel...

  • Fast and affordable

  • We do it for you so you don't have to deal with expensive equipment
  • To see a sample ID card, click here  (you need adobe acrobat reader software to see sample in best resolution) or scroll down to see a picture example in poorer resolution. Note: Looks better in person then on computer screen.






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